VIP Transportation

If you host important guests especially from abroad, or if you would like to have an organized trip for you and your loved ones and enjoy a variety of treats along the way, Luxury Travel are exactly what you need and want. Transportation prestige get resonance in recent years thanks to the proliferation of people who want to combine their trips Elements Luxury and luxurious one.

With the use of luxury vehicles offers you I.t.s. traffic, the number of elements that make the experience of luxury transportation services unique and luxurious experience both. Most users of these services, ambassadors from various countries is very important guests of business executives and tourists particularly wealthy. But the service is open and available to each and every one of you who wants to taste the experience of the VIP shuttle itself.

With you in any situation …

I.t.s. Transport offers you personal service and quality 24 hours a day, especially luxury vehicles for any purpose and of course personal support along the way in any way. Transportation indicating the possibility of this kind of service should be a super shuttle professional and reliable service and quality are top priority all along. Luxury transportation is also designated production companies and impresarios who want to give artists – nurturing the best way to show and back to her. Quality transportation company will meet all demand one way or another by the artist and spread him what he wants for the best.

This exclusive service drivers are smartly dressed professional drivers and provide personal service accompanied along the way. These drivers are different training courses that give them the right to grant an exclusive VIP shuttle VIPs. Prestige of the vehicles with the highest quality professionals make your luxury ride a luxurious experience in every way, all the way!
Luxurious ride begins and ends customer requirements fully satisfied personal desire all along. Luxury transportation services as all other events shuttle service for the experts have to hire the best and not compromise.

Transport specializes in giving shuttle services and guest artists the highest degree.

Many years of experience with drivers selected, uncompromising precision tools and new cars and luxury are the perfect package for you We are the important first impression he gets when it comes to Israel and the last part with it.

Why I.t.s. ?
Our uniqueness stems from our being a uncompromising expressed in the following fields:

  • Fleet Our unique vehicles including SUVs upmarket parts and car and van drivers Limoges rich experience, speaking a variety of languages ​​such as: English, French and Russian
  • The company employs experienced tour guides in all languages ​​(including Chinese) accompany the guests all regions of the country
  • can a company car with a personal driver and tour guide for a few days

Among those nodded our services: New York Mayor Ellsworth Ave Golian past, Mr. Alejandro Toledo (president of Peru), Madonna, Paul Auster, Howard Stringer (Sony President Global), cellist Yo-Yo Ma and many more.