Accessible van wheelchair

Unlike a conventional transportation vehicle, a transportation vehicle for people with disabilities is equipped with special equipment for people with disabilities.

This vehicle is usually intended for wheelchair-bound or disabled people who are unable to move on their own. These vehicles enable the handicapped and the disabled to reach various places without the difficulties of accessibility that characterize public transportation, whether it is the work trip, the school where they study, the medical institution in which they are treated, or the trips chosen for them in special activities for the disabled.

We have a range of vehicles for people with disabilities, from one wheelchair to another.

What is special about a vehicle designed for people with disabilities?

A vehicle that is well adapted to their needs, new and safer vehicles than usual, in order to have a sense of safety and comfort throughout the trip.

S.T.S is different sizes of superstars:

  • A vehicle from a small leaflet – up to 3 disabled carriages and 6 additional passengers.
  • A medium-sized vehicle – up to 5 disabled carriages and 7 additional passengers.
  • A vehicle from a large leaflet – up to 6 disabled people and 6 additional passengers.
  • Accessible bus for disabled – up to 11 disabled carriages and 22 additional passengers.

The car is equipped with:

  • A lift for the car to rise and descend from the vehicle
  • Wide opening to the wheelchair
  • Spacious space for wheelchairs
  • Special seat belts designed for wheelchairs
  • safety rail
  • Seating for lenders

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